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  • How do I apply the Armor-Dillo TS1 product?  Apply the Armor-Dillo TS1 product generously on all the outside car plastic trim parts that have been affected by extreme oxidization and UV damage. Works best on Black or Gray trim. Once the TS1 is applied, cure it with a damp cloth and your done. This product has Not been designed for the inside of your vehicle.

  • How can I get the best deal on Armor-Dillo Auto Products?  We periodically run special promotions throughout the year. If you have provided us with an email address, we will use it for this purpose. We Never sell or rent your email address to any other marketing companies. WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY.

  • Can I apply the Armor-Dillo TS1 product in extreme cold temperatures?  Its always best to apply the Armor-Dillo TS1 product in a dirt-free environment, as well as a well ventilated area. Our product works best when you apply the product Initially in a garage, where you can apply & cure the product successfully. Extreme cold may affect the curing process. Afterwards, the product will protect your vehicles plastic trim against all weather elements.

  • What makes Armor-Dillo's Headlight Magic different from our competitors?  Our EZ 2 step process gets it right the first time. We remove the UV damaged plastic skin from the headlight lens in Step 1 and then in Step 2 re-apply a Polycarbonate resin (Liquid Plastic &UV protectants) to re-stablish a Like New finish. The change is so dramatic, it is literally Day vs. Night. It is like Magic! 

  •  Will I be able to re-use the TS1 pad for future applications?Our TS1 pads are good for a one time application. Once the air activates the special TS1 solution, you will be able use it for a single application. Please discard  the used TS1 pad as instructed on the packaging.

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